Salesforce Certified B2B Solution Architect Exam Guide. 

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Salesforce Certified B2B Solution Architect Exam Guide

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Important Topics for the Exam:

  • B2B Solution Architect exam covers multiple products/features such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Revenue Cloud (CPQ, Billing), Field Service, Knowledge, B2B Commerce, Pardot, Financial Services Cloud Experience Cloud, Tableau CRM, Partner Relationship Management & MuleSoft.
  • Key stakeholder and deliverables of discovery sessions.
  • Recommend no code vs low code solutions for a give Multi-Cloud Use Case.
  • Recommend source of truth for Product & Pricing information is a given Multi-Cloud Use Case.
  • Journey Mapping.
  • Product and Price Syncing.
  • Cart to Quote.
  • Cart to Cash.
  • Cart to Agreement.
  • Field Service Lifecycle.
  • Field Service Preventive Maintenance.
  • Multi-Cloud Product and Pricing Management.
  • Multi-Cloud Enterprise Content Management.
  • Multi-Cloud B2B Sales Forecasting.
  • Recommend Integration Patterns to be used for a given Multi-Cloud Use Case.
  • Recommend appropriate Integration APIs to be used for a given Use Case.
  • Benefits of API led Integration.
  • MuleSoft Accelerators for Commerce Cloud.
  • Recommended sequence of implementation of different products in a Multi-Cloud Use Case.
  • Einstein Bots.
  • Einstein Next Best Action.
  • Given a Multi-Cloud Use Case recommend appropriate Experience Cloud license.

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