Process Automation Accredited Professional Exam Guide.

If you are familiar with Process Builder, Approval Process and Flows (almost everyone who is Salesforce Certified Admin or App Builder or Platform Developer) then this might be the easiest Salesforce Accredited Professional Exam for you.

1. About the Exam

Process Automation Accredited Professional Exam covers Process Automation capabilities of Salesforce. (Process Builder, Approval Process, Flow, Workflow, Einstein Next Best Action)

  • Content: 60 multiple-choice/multi-select questions
  • Passing Score: 41 out of 60 questions
  • Registration Fee: $150 ($75 until Jan 31, 2022), plus applicable taxes
  • Retake Exam Fee: $75, plus applicable taxes
  • Prerequisites: None

2. Process Automation Accredited Professional Exam Outline

Flow Basics:
Given a scenario, choose the right automation tool
Describe how and when to useFlow Builder and Process Builder
Describe how and when to use Approvals
17% 10
Tools and Best Practices:
Elaborate on the capabilities, limitations, components, and elements of process automation tools
Explain the options and steps involved in creating Flows, Processes, and Approvals
Describe automation best practices
Testing, Distribution, and Monitoring:
Identify test casesDescribe declarative distribution options
Describe monitoring capabilities including Flow Interviews
Use Cases:
Map process automation capabilities to specific requirements for various use cases including sales, service, and portals
Process Automation Accredited Professional Exam Outline

3. Exam Study Course

Exam curriculum is available on Salesforce Partner Learning Camp. Please refer to Accredited Professional Partner Community Page for details.

4. Important Topics for Process Automation Accredited Professional Exam

  • Flows can be distributed (made available to users) via:
    • Flow actions
    • Lightning pages
    • Experience Builder pages
    • Custom Aura components
    • Custom Lightning web components
    • Custom buttons or custom links
    • Flow Orchestrator (Beta)
    • Web tabs
    • Direct flow URLs
    • Visualforce pages
    • Lightning Out
    • Embedded Service deployments

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