Salesforce Accredited Professional Credential Exam Guide.

1. About the Salesforce Accredited Professional (AP) Credential

Salesforce Accredited Professional (AP) Credentials are available through Partner Learning Camp will help deepen your product and industry knowledge, gain confidence in implementation to drive customer and partner success.

The Accredited Professional credential counts towards your company’s knowledge check requirement for certain Navigator distinctions.

Navigator distinctions are the primary go to market rating for consulting partners to market their Salesforce Practice. Want to know more know more about Partner Navigator Program? Check out the Partner Navigator Program Page.

2. What is Partner Learning Camp?

Partner Learning Camp (PLC) is the primary learning destination to expand capabilities to meet Salesforce customer needs now and in the future. Made just for Salesforce partners, PLC offers a growing list of on-demand training, curated for all Partner Trailblazers (ISV, Consulting, Agencies and Resellers). Partner Learning Camp Login URL.

3. Partner Learning Camp vs Trailhead

Partner Learning Camp complements what you learn on Trailhead. While Trailhead is open to everyone, PLC is made to expand capabilities to meet customer needs now and in the future. PLC curricula is made for all partners, regardless of size or type, ISV and Consulting.

4. Salesforce Accredited Professional (AP) Credentials Exam List

Accredited Professional ExamExam Release Date
Heroku DeveloperJul-21
Security & PrivacyJul-21
Process AutomationJul-21
Einstein DiscoveryJul-21
Einstein Prediction BuilderJul-21
Einstein Next Best ActionJul-21
Sales Cloud EinsteinJul-21
Commerce Cloud EinsteinJul-21
Order Management AdministratorJul-21
Headless | API FirstJul-21
B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience AdministratorJul-21
B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience DeveloperJul-21
Pardot Reporting & AnalyticsJul-21
Salesforce CMSJul-21
Interaction StudioJul-21
Digital EngagementJul-21
Service Cloud VoiceJul-21
Advanced Field ServiceJul-21
Revenue Cloud ConsultantJul-21
Financial Services CloudJul-21
Health CloudJul-21
Manufacturing CloudJul-21
Consumer Goods CloudJul-21
Sustainability CloudJul-21
Salesforce CDPAug-21
Pardot Business UnitsAug-21
Advanced Cross ChannelAug-21
Account Based MarketingSecond Half of 2021
Order Management DeveloperSecond Half of 2021
Public Sector SolutionsSecond Half of 2021
Loyalty ManagementSecond Half of 2021
Salesforce Accredited Professional Exam List

5. How much does Accredited Professional Exam cost?

Salesforce Accredited Professional exam costs $150 USD plus applicable taxes. The exam are discounted to $75 USD plus applicable taxes until January 31, 2022. Retake exam fee is $75 USD plus applicable taxes.

6. How can you register for the Salesforce Accredited Professional Exam?

You can register for Salesforce Accredited Professional Credentials Exam through Partner Learning Camp. Certification are proctored by Examity. Credentials are issued by Accredible.

Step 1. Login to Partner Learning Camp.

Step 2. Navigate to Credentials Tab.

Step 3. Search for the Exam you would like to register and click on Register button which will launch Examity.

Accredited Professional Exam Registration

Step 4. You launch the exam by clicking on Start Exam button.

Examity Accredited Professional Exam Registration

Step 5. Examity will ask for exam voucher. If you don’t provide exam voucher it will take you to payment screen. Once you complete the payment you can appear for the exam.

7. How is Salesforce Accredited Professional different from Salesforce Trailhead Certification?

Accredited Professional
Trailhead Certification
1. Exam Availability Salesforce Partners onlyOpen for All
2. Exam Training Availability Partner Learning CampTrailhead
3. Exam Cost $150 $200 to $4,500
4. Exam ProctorExamityWebassessor
5. Exam Results24 hours to 14 days Immediately after exam
Certification VerificationAccredibleTrailhead
Accredited Professional vs Trailhead Certification

8. When will you receive Accredited Professional Exam Results, Badge and Certificate?

You will received the exam results at the end of the exam. If you Pass then you will receive Accredited Professional Certificate and Badge anywhere from 24 hours to 14 business days via email from Accredible . In some cases the credential is delayed if suspicious behavior was flagged by the Examity online proctoring tool. It requires review by the Examity and Salesforce support team to make sure proctoring rules were not violated.

If you have not received your Salesforce Accredited Professional Exam Badge and Certificate within 14 business days you can create a Case with Salesforce Support requesting your Accredited Professional Exam Certificate and Badge.

8. Additional Salesforce Accredited Professional Resources

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