Salesforce Winter ’22 Release Key Features.

Salesforce Winter ’22 Release Notes are out with tons of new features and enhancements. Here are some of the features I will be keeping an eye on.

1. Flow Orchestrator (Beta in Winter ’22 Release)

Flow Orchestrator cab be used to combine automated processes in a single interface with Flow Orchestrator. It offers no-code approach to create orchestrations and transform flows into steps organized by stages. Flow Orchestrator offers more flexibility to create approval processes, better ability to assign work to any Salesforce user, and more control over record lifecycles. Please find more details here!

2. Salesforce Functions (Generally Available in Winter ’22 Release)

Salesforce Functions allow you to Develop Functions using the programming language of your choice. You can deploy Function to the Salesforce Functions infrastructure and invoke deployed Function in your sandbox or production orgs. Use Apex to securely offload heavy compute tasks to your Functions without worrying about Salesforce org limits. Through Apex, you can include Function invocation in your Salesforce application workflow via Flow, Lightning Web Components, or many other Salesforce features. Please find more details here!

3. Send an Outbound Message from Your Record-Triggered Flow

Now you can send a SOAP message from a record-triggered flow to a designated endpoint. This feature until now only only available via workflow. Now you have one more reason not to use workflows. Please find more details here!

4. Control the Default Records Your Users See with Scoping Rules (Beta in Winter ’22 Release)

Scoping Rules can be used to show users records relevant to them based on selected criteria. Scoping rules don’t restrict the record access that your users already have. Your users can still open and report on all records that they have access to per your org’s sharing settings. Please find more details here!

5. Call Invocable Actions from Apex (Developer Preview in Winter ’22 Release)

Invocable.Action is a new Apex class that allows you to call Invocable Actions from Apex code. Once this feature is GA I see lot of use cases where Invocable Actions can be very useful. Please find more details here!

Which Salesforce Winter ’22 Release feature are you excited about? Please let us know in comments!

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