Slack is a messaging app for business that connects people to the information that they need. It has gained lot of popularity in last few years to attract a lot of attention from investors and enterprises and eventually Slack was acquired by CRM giant Salesforce.

According to the press release “Together, Salesforce and Slack will deliver the Slack-first Customer 360 that gives companies a single source of truth for their business, and a single platform for connecting employees, customers and partners with each other and the apps that they use every day, all within their existing workflows”

How is it different from other Messaging Apps?

  • Channels – channels bring order and clarity to work, you can create them for every project, topic or team
  • Flexibility – with all communication and tools in place your employees can work from anywhere
  • Slack Connect – transforms the way you work alongside your partners, vendors or customers by moving conversations out of siloed email threads and into the same place

Are there other similar Apps?

Some of the popular alternatives are:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Chat

Messaging App and CRM?

Salesforce acquisition received mixed reviews with some calling it too expensive and others calling it the next big move by Salesforce. Let’s wait and watch!

Can my company use Slack?

Yes, of course! Slack offers free tier to start with and plenty of options to upgrade as per your business needs. You can sign up for for free here!

How can I learn Slack?

Trailhead is offering free trails to start your Slack journey. Some of the available tails are listed below:

Can I get Slack Certified?

Yes! Slack offers multiple certifications such as Certified Admin and Certified Developer. Please find more details about these certifications here!

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